Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Battle Roads MSP here we go again...

Well it's that time again, there is now a new updated format in which we "tourney" player's need to go by, one that allows cards from the Heart Gold Soul Silver series and on, anything before this set and it's not legal anymore, unless they still make the card like trainers and supporters in the new sets.

So keep posted as I will attempt to share what I think my be a good starter for the Emerging Power's expansion for the B&W boosters.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pokemon States Tournament 3rd place

Shane has won third place at state this year! Shane, using his Donphan deck wiped out most of the competition while his brother ..............Well, let`s just say his brother didn`t do very good.(I`m his brother)  Even though Shane did not come in 1st he hopes to place even better at NATIONALS THIS YEAR!!!!  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 Tips And Ways To Build Your Own Pokemon Deck

1. All Pokemon decks MUST contain exactly 60 Pokemon cards.
2. You have to have at least one BASIC Pokemon. {If you want a successful Deck, you should have at least 6 BASIC Pokemon in your deck.)
3. To be able to attack, you will need ENERGY cards. I suggest you have 7-15 ENERGY in one deck
4. other helpers are: TRAINER cards, SUPPORTER cards, and STADIUM cards. these Pokemon cards help to get other Pokemon from your deck.
5. Now, last but not least, test your freshly created Pokemon deck by Battling your friends.

Good   Luck!!!