Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cities;1st PLACE ONCE AGAIN !! 6-0!!!!!

Using his notorious DonKphan deck,Shane does it again for his third Cities and seventh Pokemon tournament win!

          Well, everyone seems to be running TyRam and Magnazone. But for the less "hardcore" players it's hard to keep up with all those expensive decks especially Magnazone since there isn't lots of other options that almost guarantee top cut. Fortunately for Shane, Magnazone is weak to his fighting type Donphan, almost ensuring him a win every time pared with an electric type deck. As for TyRam, Donphan's ability to come up early game combined with and Shane's Pokemon Catcher are able to KO TyRam's Typhlosion right away ultimately destroying the decks whole control and energy power making for an easy win.

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