Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kingdabuzz Deck Analysis\ List

Well, as you may or may not know, many people have tried to find a good match to run with Mandibuzz BW as well as a deck that can actually stand up to Magnazone. But there is only a few who know that Ampharos Prime simply just doesn't flow with the deck. And that same few also know that the deck is very vulnerable to Reshiram and Zekrom decks seeing as they can easily one-shot any of the Pokemon in it. However, there's ways around those cons which I'll explain soon. Anyway here's the list so far.....

Pokemon(21)                   Trainers(26)                                      Energy(13)
2 Zorua BW                     4 Pokemon Collector                        3 Double Colorless
2 Zoroark BW                  2 Prof. Oak"s New Theory               4 Special Dark
3 Vullaby BW                  1 N                                                     3 Dark
3 Mandibuzz BW             3 Energy search                                 3 Water
3 Kingdra Prime               3 Junk Arm
1 Kingdra UL                   2 Prof. Elm's Training Method
3 Seadra UL                     4 Pokemon Communication
4 Horsea UL                    3 PlusPower
                                         4 Rare Candy                                


4 Rare Candy
The reason I run 4 is mostly for
 consistency and for how much
the deck needs them.
4 Collector
 This deck needs to get its basics
 out early-game because of a lot 
 of low HP Pokemon.
 3 Energy Search
 Pokemon need energy.
 Simple as that.
 3 PlusPower
 Mostly for Kingdra or
 Zoroark for a OHKO on
 the dragons.
1 N
 For a break from PONT and
for messing with your opponents hand.
 4 Communication
 They flow nicely with Pokemon Collector just
in case you don't really need all three basics or they
 can turn a bad hand into a vary nice one.
 3 Junk Arm
These are mostly to recycle the Communications
 and Rare Candy and maybe even a PlusPower.


3 Kingdra Prime
These are probably the most crucial part in the deck
since Mandibuzz needs Kindra's Power it to do any sniping damage.

 1 Kingdra UL
 I threw it in for some extra hit power seeing as it can snipe
 for 30 and with a DCE can attack for 80.
 2 Zoroark BW
 An excellent counter for the dragons because of its
Foul Play attack that lets it use one of your
 opponents attacks; like Reshiram's  Blue Flare that swings for a
massive 120 damage which if you had a Special Dark or PlusPower
would be enough to OHKO either of the dragons.
Mandibuzz BW
Mandibuzz, the main attacker for this deck, is
good to have thanks to its great sniping ability with Blindside and
damage to Stage 2s with Punishment.

 3 DCE\
I run three mostly for use with Zoroark and sometimes                                                                          with Kingdra UL for a quick set-up.
4 Special Dark
An energy better then dark but that still counts as
Dark energy? Why not put them in every dark type deck?

-TKB Thanks for reading. GOOD LUCK!

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