Friday, May 25, 2012

Mastering Darkrai EX: DarkArk

     Today I'm going to be talking about the deck that I have been play-testing and tweaking for almost a month now. This is the deck that I will most definitely be running for MN Battle Roads and depending on how well I do at Battle Roads, I might play it at US Nationals this summer. I call it: ZorkRai? DarkArk? ...........Well, I actually haven't thought of a good name for the deck yet so I decided to go with DarkArk for the post title, but I'm still not quite sure. So feel free to leave a comment if you have any ideas on a name. Now if you'd like to see my list so we can get started discussing the main strategy, helpers, and finally pros and cons. Here is my exact list:

  The List

  • Pokemon (14) 
  • 4 Sneasel UD
  • 2 Darkrai EX                                    
  • 1 Zoroark BW
  • 3 Zoroark DE
  • 4 Zorua DE 69
  • T/S/S (32)
  • 3 Dark Patch
  • 4 Junk Arm 
  • 3 Pokemon Catcher
  • 3 Level Ball
  • 3 Dark Claw
  • 2 Pokegear 3.0
  • 1 Super Rod
  • 4 Pokemon Collector
  • 4 Professor Juniper
  • 3 Professor Oak's New Theory
  • 2 N
  • Energy(14)
  • 7 Dark
  • 4 Special Dark
  • 3 Double Colorless

     Okay,  now we can jump right into the strategy. And afterward, discuss why I have or don't have different cards in the deck and how those differences can help the consistency and overall "flow" of this deck, allowing it accomplish every decks ultimate goal; to win games. ( And to have fun of course.)

The Strategy

          The initial strategy for this deck is to use Darkrai to knock out Eels and every so often get an extra prize with by sniping, and also to stream Zoroark and constantly be swinging with at least one of its two attacks every turn: Brutal Bash, or Dark Rush to KO your opponents Pokemon quickly and easily.

     If you want to win with this deck, there is some things that must be done, like: turn one having Zorua active with at least one dark energy card on it. After you have that, then you can use Ascension, in turn bringing up a Zoroark. And once Zoroark is active,  you should be able to attach an Energy to it allowing for an attack with Brutal Bash by turn two.  Considering of course, that you can get that second Energy out of the 7 Dark, 4 Special Dark, or 3 Double Colorless Energy possible, in your hand by your second turn. Which if you think about it, is very likely, especially with the help of shuffle\refresh supporters like N and Professor Oak's New Theory.

      A way that you can make sure that you have Zorua in the active spot turn one in every game is by simply combining Sneasels free retreat cost and Level Ball, using Level Ball to search for a Zorua then simply retreating without having to pay any energy cost whatsoever. But it doesn't end there, turns out that Energy card you just saved turns into an attached energy on Zorua, which like I said earlier turns into Ascension attack, which then finally evolves into a Zoroark all on turn one consistently almost every game.


                                  In order to stand a chance in this meta, you have to be able to easily KO regular Pokemon and 2HKO EX Pokemon with Zoroark. But when a Zoroark is active and you want to be able to do any kind of real damage with Brutal Bash, Your going to have to back it up with some benched Dark Pokemon. A good way to load your bench with Dark Pokemon, is to utilize Junk Arm, Level Ball, and Pokemon Collector. But what if your still needing that extra 20 Damage for the KO, and you already have a full bench? The answer is simple. Gash their lights out and attach a Dark Claw (pictured left).

Dark energy exhilaration on the nEXt level.
     I suggest that when choosing two cards to discard while using Junk Arm to get a Level Ball or whatever card that you might need in your discard pile, that you consider discarding at least one Energy if you have one, Because once you have Energy in the discard pile, you will then unlock some energy exhilaration with a card called Dark Patch. what Dark Patch does is it takes a basic Energy card out of your discard pile and attaches it to any of your benched Dark type Pokemon. I'll give you an example of how it could work out in a real-life battle:

       It's your turn. A Zorua is active with one Dark energy on it and you have a Darkrai EX on the bench along with a Zoroark. The Zoroark is patiently waiting for just one more Energy before it can attack, but you've already attached an Energy this turn to Zorua. You have only one prize left, but, to make things worse, so does your opponent, and if you do not Knock Out his Pokemon this turn he can attack and Knock Out a Zoroark with one shot next turn! What will you do next? First, you use a Professor Oak's New Theory And shuffle for six. You pull a Dark Patch, Junk Arm, 2 Dark Energies another Sneasel and a Dark Claw. After looking over your hand, you decide to use a Junk arm to discard both the Sneasel and the Dark Energy to grab a Pokemon Catcher out of the discard. You then use the Catcher to bring up an Eelektrik. Finally you play the Dark Patch, fish an Energy out of the discard, and attach it to Zoroark, retreat for free, (because of Darkrai's Ability) and attack with Brutal Bash for the win!


 A con in this deck is that in order to keep the pressure on your opponent, you have to be able to constantly stream Zoroark and Energy to keep on getting those Catcher\Brutal Bash easy KO's on your opponents weaker Pokemon. This can take its toll on your late-game play though. Because after some time, this kind of fast-paced playing can start to "run out", and so can your deck. This is bad, because usually, with this deck, and if your opponent is running Zeels, CMT, or any other deck with more than one possible source of an attacker, They will most likely be able to out last you. Especially since Zoroark has a weaker HP of only 100 and can be easily 1HKO-ed by Zekrom BW, Reshiram BW, Terrakion, Donphan, and many others. My point being: Win by at least turn seven or try to struggle a rare late-game win.


This is deck has major consistency. At least it did for me the good 40 times that I've battled the deck.
Another cool thing about this deck is that it's a very quick, speed type of deck with an average set up by T2.
Some more pros are: Zoroark destroys Eels. Darkrai destroys Eels. With only Dark Pokemon in the deck, it can really utilize the out-of-this-world new Dark Item cards. Darkrai and Zoroark both have a healthy -20 resistance to Psychic, stopping Mewtwo EX in its tracks. And that is Darkrai Mastered.

Ha, gotcha!


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