Sunday, June 17, 2012

Battle Roads 2nd Place!: Lugia Legend

     Using my own version of a Lugia Legend\Terrakion deck, I trolled my way through most of the competition yesterday at a Battle Roads in MN, Burnsville for a satisfying 2nd place win!

Elemental Blast for 200 son!
      But how could someone possibly pull of a 4th, 5th or even 6th place using Lugia Legend as a main attacker? much less use it and finish 2nd?

     Before you understand that, you would have to see my epically awesome list. Fortunately for you; it's right here:

  • Pokemon (11)
  • 2 Lugia Legend (top half)
  • 2 Lugia Legend (bottom half)
  • 3 Terrakion NIV
  • 2 Shaymin (Celebration Wind)
  • 2 Smeargle UD
  • T\S\S ()
  • 4 Professor Juniper
  • 3 N
  • 4 Pokemon Communication
  • 2 Super Scoop Up
  • 2 Great Ball
  • 2 Random Receiver
  •  2 Legend Box
  • 1 Skyarrow Bridge
  • 3 Switch
  • 4 Junk Arm
  • 3 Pokemon Catcher
  • 3 Super Rod
  • Energy (16)
  • 3 Lightning
  • 3 Water
  • 3 fire
  • 3 Fighting
  • 4 Rainbow  
     Lugia Legend is a very overlooked card. When it gets KOed, it only gains your opponent one measly prize card. It also has the ability to OHKO any Pokemon in the format using Elemental Blast, including EX Pokemon. But it doesn't stop there! with its handy Poke-Power Ocean Grow, you could even donk! If you found the three different types of energy that it needs to attack that is.

    Speaking of donking, some other donk helpers do come to mind other than the Pokemon's own ability. Like the combo of Great Ball and Pokemon Communication. How you can use these cards to help you get Lugia out turn 1 is simple. Play Great Ball first to get a random Pokemon. If it was a Lugia Legend, then you can stop there. But if it wasn't, then use a Pokemon Communication to search for what you do need.
   You can also use Legend Box to not only get both halves of Lugia, but also load him with energy at the same time! although this card is only consistent late-game when you have less cards in your deck, it has been a life-saver for me when I needed it most. Without further examination, this card seems almost unstoppable!

     But, there is some down sides to Lugia Legend as well. Like the fact that you can only have 2 of each half of it in a deck. And to play it on your bench, you have to have both halves. Also, after using Elemental Blast, you must discard all of those energy that you worked so hard to attach. Another downside is that it only has 130 HP and a lightning weakness, with Zekrom\Eels as one of the best decks in the format, that can be a problem when facing one. That's were Terrakion comes in.

     When facing off against a dark type or lightning type deck, it can be hard to attack once with Lugia and not get KOed afterward. Looks like a job for; Terrakion and Shaymin. The strategy here is to first attach a rainbow or fighting energy to a Terrakion on your bench. Then, play down a Lugia to get more fighting or rainbow energies on it. Finally, use Shaymin to move those energy all to Terrakion, allowing for a one-turn Terrakion set-up.

    And those are some of the things that really helped me yesterday for my 2nd place finish.


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