Thursday, July 5, 2012

2012-2013 Modified Format Details (Go Live: September 1st, 2012)

The Modified rotation for the 2012-2013 tournament year is as follows and will take effect on September 1, 2012:
  • Black and White (BLW)
  • Black and White: Emerging Powers (EPO)
  • Black and White: Noble Victories (NVI)
  • Black and White: Next Destinies (NXD)
  • Black and White: Dark Explorers (DEX)
  • Black Star Promos (BW01 and higher)
  • Black and White McDonald’s promos (MCD)
  • Black and White Trainer Kits (TK)
Newer sets that are released after this point are also tournament legal. Cards obtained from Pre-Releases are NOT Modified, tournament legal until their actual scheduled release date. Please note that this list is subject to updates as the newer sets are released.
TPCI has also announced that the 2012-2013 Tournament Year will commence on July 9 to allow a head start in obtaining Play! Points towards qualifying for attendance to next year’s National Championships, while the set rotation will still occur on September 1. Players competing in the 2012 World Championships will still follow the HGSS-on format. For more information, click here.
The best opportunities to take advantage of this head start for Play! Points prior to the set rotation are participatinig in Sanctioned, Non-Premier Tournaments for the month of July and August, and participating in the Legend Season at your local League!
You are highly encouraged to build your decks using this new set rotation list as it will better prepare you for competing in future Premier Events when we switch over to this format.

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Special Thanks to Professor Raz

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