Monday, July 23, 2012

Rise of the Penguins

Not these penguins....
In the post-Worlds format, which is none other than BW and on, the penguins will rise. And when I say penguin, I mean Empoleon DEX. 

What makes this card so much better in the slower, BW-on format, is that we no longer have cards like Junk Arm, Dual Ball, and Smeargle to allow a quick and easy set-up on a Basic EX Pokemon, Which is simply too hard to keep up with when trying to set-up a Stage 2 of any kind, Especially Empoleon because it can't be searched for by Heavy Ball or Level Ball and must rely on Pokemon Communication and Ultra Ball alone. Since the BW-on format isn't as fast as the HGSS format was, it will be easier to set up Stage 2s, Allowing for Empoleon decks of all kinds to thrive in this new, Stage 2-friendly environment.

Now back to Empoleon;
I apologize for the bad quality.
this is a beast of a card with its own draw engine and a decent attack, that for only one Water energy, can 2HKO just about any EX that doesn't have an Eviolite attached. Empoleon also has 140 HP, and a Lightning weakness.

The next format doesn't leave the Lightning based ZekEels behind though, this Lightning deck will actually get stronger with the help of cards like Rayquaza EX and Emolga DRX.

But how can we turn an auto-loss into a possible comeback when battling ZekEels? Simply by utilizing the versatility of Blend Energy WLFM (Water, Lightning, Fighting and Metal), And the revenge power of Terrakion NVI and Exp. Share.

Using Blend Energy WLFM to attach on Terrakion and Exp. Share to move a Water energy from the active to the benched Terrakion with the Blend Energy attached, and in the end Retaliating for 90. Unless, the defending Pokemon happens to be a Lightning type  potentially OHKOing it with 180. After applying Weakness and Resistance.

So now that we know how to deal with a Lighting weakness disadvantage, we can move on to some different tricks that will help Empoleon rise to the top in this next format.

Trick #1 Max Potion

When your main attacker requires only a single energy to attack, Max Potion is a must-have.
If your opponent can't do the 140 damage necessary to KO Empoleon with one hit, use a Max Potion to discard all energy attached to Empoleon (you only have to discard one since that's all he needs to attack) and heal off all of that damage allowing Empoleon another turn not spent in the discard pile.

Trick #2 Lapras NXD

Lapras NXD is key to getting a great start and good for energy acceleration with Exp. Share. Simply attach an Exp. Share to any Pokemon on the bench, then when Lapras gets knocked out, the basic Water energy goes on the Pokemon with the Exp. Share attached. And since Empoleon only needs one energy to attack, this could really save you early or late game if you'd rather attach an energy to say, a Terrakion that requires two energy to use Retaliate and three for Land Crush. Also, using Call for Family to get those two Piplup Turn 1 is crucial if you want an Empoleon up by turn two with Rare Candy or turn three using Prinplup.

Trick #3 Tool Scrapper

When Terrakion is facing off with a 180 HP EX Pokemon with a weakness of Fighting, (Darkrai EX, Zekrom EX Etc.) and if that 180 HP Pokemon with a weakness of Fighting just so happens to have an Eviolite attached, that 180 Damage from Land Crush or Retaliate suddenly drops down to 160, giving them the chance to retreat, use Max Potion, or if it's a Zekrom EX, go for the KO on Terrakion. However, there is one card that can take care of this situation and put that 160 back up to 180. That card is Tool Scrapper.
It reads: Choose up to 2 Pokemon Tool cards attached to both your and your opponent's Pokemon and discard them. And thats how this card can help win games.

And now that  you've learned some helpful  and tricks and strategy about Empoleon, it's about time that you see an actual, tested list so that you can 1.) See how I build an Empoleon deck. And 2.) Get a grip on some card counts (like Empoleon and Lapras) that are pretty stand under penguin circumstances so that you can hopefully make an Empoleon deck of your own. Here's my list:

 The List

  •    Pokemon (16)
  • 4 Empoleon DEX
  • 2 Prinplup DEX
  • 4 Piplup DEX
  • 4 Lapras NXD
  • 2 Terrakion NVI
  •     T\S\S (33)
  • 4 N
  • 2 Professor Juniper
  • 1 Cheren
  • 4 Random Receiver
  • 4 Rare Candy
  • 3 Pokemon Communication
  • 3 Exp. Share
  • 3 Pokemon Catcher
  • 2 Max Potion
  • 2 Level Ball
  • 2 Great Ball
  • 1 Heavy Ball
  • 1 Super Rod
  • 1 Tool Scrapper
  •    Energy (11)
  • 4 Blend Energy WLFM
  • 7 Water  

Although this deck is a great one, there are other ways to run Empoleon. I would cover them now but I'm all written out for today. Who knows, the penguins might strike back in another post covering more ways to run Empoleon. Until then -Tyler

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