Monday, July 23, 2012

ZekEels BW & On

KBdaddy here with ZekEels BW-on, Normally I don't post articles like this so be easy on me.

Here it goes...

Since the format change will be taking place very soon I have replaced all the "old" HGSS cards with BW-on cards, so you won't see any Junk Arm. s broken as it was, it's gone.

The way this deck works is like any other ZekEels build however the Tornadus EX is a great starter and with the Stadium Skyarrow Bridge in play coupled with the possibility of pulling some PlusPower on either the first turn or the Juniper/N play it is a strong possibility to DONK, but usually I have found it to be a consistent hard hitter first turn if not for sure second turn.

So after I have either won due to the DONK, we play again, and if my opponent actually has the chance to get a good start it is great in the late game as well, with Zekrom EX waiting in the background and the ability to hit for 150 is huge, and if coupled with 2 of the 4 PlusPower that are in my deck he can OHKO a 170HP EX without an Eviolite.

Basic strategy is to get the Tynamo on the bench as early as possibly and to get 2 in play and evolved by the second or third turn.  That gives you the ability to add energy to either Mewtwo EX or Tornadus EX or Zekrom EX with a regular attach for turn using a DCE or a regular Lightning energy.

The List

  •    Pokemon (13)
  • 2 Zekrom EX
  • 3 Tornadus EX
  • 2 Mewtwo EX
  • 3 Eelektrik NVI
  • 3 Tynamo NVI
  •    T/S/S (32)
  • 3 Skyarrow Bridge
  • 4 Professor Juniper
  • 4 N
  • 3 Random Receiver
  • 4 Pokemon Catcher
  • 4 Plus Power
  • 3 Switch
  • 3 Ultra Ball
  • 1 Pokemon Communication
  • 3 Level Ball
  •    Energy (15)
  • 4 Double Colorless Energy (Special Energy Card)
  • 11 Electric
So now you know what I am running I would like your input on how you think I could improve this seemingly consistent winning deck.  I will test out some idea's and then update this post with my findings.  Thanks for reading and as always BOOST YOUR GAME!

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