Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 Pokémon World Champions

1st Place: Shuto Itagaki (JP)
2nd Place: Ian Robb (US)
3rd Place: Itsuku Kito (JP)
4th Place: Zachary Bokhari (US)

1st Place: Chase Moloney (CA)
2nd Place: Colter Decker  (US)
3rd Place: Dean Nezam (US)
4th Place: Jack Pitcher (CA)

1st Place: Igor Costa (PT)
2nd Place: Harrison Leven (US)
3rd Place: Jay Hornung (US)
4th Place: Michael Diaz (US)

My son Shane was defeated at the National tournament by Ian Robb, so we are very happy to see that he made it to the final at Worlds.  Way to go to Jay Hornung for placing 3rd again!

Shane and Tyler and I were unable to attend due to financial reason's however we are currently still looking to raise money for the trip if it should happen next year, Pokémon World's will be in Vancouver, BC, Canada, the money that has been raised this year in our failed attempt to attend in Hawaii, will be used to make it again to the US Nationals in Indianapolis, IN.

The video feed of the Master's final was awesome, Harrison you did great, hope to see you at the US Nationals next year.

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