Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Unique Idea for Cities

Hey trainers! This is Jack here to give you a rogue idea that may just get you a cities win or top 4! While I myself can't be sure what the best play is at cities, I do think that this deck is competitive enough to win in a tournament environment. The idea is this: You drop down a Keldeo EX (Boundaries Crossed) and drop as many energies as you can in one turn onto him using Blastoise (BCR). You then use Keldeo's ability Step In to get free retreat into him, and attack for some big damage! The deck cannot function solely on this however, so it also runs Mewtwo EX, and Kyurem. Mewtwo EX can be extremely powerful in this deck because you can drop a lot of energies onto him very quickly, and Kyurem works well with this typing and enables spread damage. Here's the list:
The artwork on these cards are very
cool as well.
           POKEMON (14)

  • 3-1-3 Blastoise (BCR)
  • 3 Keldeo EX (BCR)
  • 2 Mewtwo EX
  • 2 Kyurem

  • 4 N
  • 3 Professor Juniper
  • 2 Bianca
  • 1 Cilan
  • 1 Skyla
  • 1 Computer Search
  • 2 Energy Search
  • 2 Ultra Ball
  • 2 Energy Retrieval
  • 1 Town Map
  • 3 Pokemon Catcher
  • 1 Super Rod
  • 2 Heavy Ball
  • 3 Rare Candy
  • 2 Eviolite          
  • 2 Random Reciever                   
    ENERGY (13
  • 13 Water Energy                                                                                                        
Some common questions about the deck:
Finally, it's balanced.

  1. "Bianca? But isn't Cheren supposed to be better?" No, not always. Consider this: You are hoping to play down 2-3 energies a turn, and that also means using Energy Search, Energy Retrieval, Cilan, and other things. Between those energies and all those items and such, you should be using Bianca for at least 3 cards, and that doesn't include any Pokemon you may play down, or Catchers and whatnot. 
  2. "Too many different trainers, it can't be consistent." While I see where you're coming from, Skyla and Computer Search make sure that if you need a card, you have a pretty good chance of getting it that turn. 
  3. "4 Ns 3 Junipers?" Well, in testing I've found that as said in the previous question, there is a decent amount of trainers. Some of these trainers are too important to discard early, so using Juniper must be limited to when it is really necessary, probably mid-game, while N is used early game to ensure you don't get rid of things you may still need.

Through testing, this deck has shown promise, and there is a glimmer of hope for another tier one deck. I, for one, would really enjoy a wider variety of types that are playable. Enough worrying about beating Dark, Lightning, and Dragon, let's see some water type decks win tournaments! I would like to hear any comments on the list or any ideas for future articles/decklists.
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  1. Unique? I'm pretty sure this is what everyone is hyping right now.

    And Skyla should be a 4-of. Bicycle should also be in there.

  2. Four skylas seems unreasonable, while it's a good point to have it in there. Bicycle I'm not sure about. While it is a good card, think about how often you actually draw more than three or four off Bianca; not very often. Bicycle may be hard to get more than one card off of, because it is less likely to have that small of a hand and that card. Another thing, this deck is tight on space as is.

  3. One thing you're forgetting is that Bicycle is a trainer. Even if you played it and only drew one card, it would still be worth it.

    As for drawing two, well, I assume you know how broken Trainer Bill was.

    Skyla is really good, it allows you to search for that game-ending Catcher, an Energy Retrieval, that Rare Candy or Ultra Ball you need to get Blastoise in play, and all that. It basically gets you exactly what you need whenever you need it. It's too good not to run as a 3-4 of.

    Also, you appear not to be running any Super Scoop Ups. Why is that? They seem like they would be really good.

  4. Good points, perhaps I will need to do another deck list in the future. I understand the risk and reward of SSU, but I find it just to risky to rely on it. It is a possible card to put in here, and if you flip right, could be seriously useful.

  5. I remember back in the day people would play SSU in Gyarados, and it's basically the same thing here. I think it's worth 3-4 spots.


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