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An Introduction To The New Set

Hey trainers! I'm Jack Dockendorf from the youtube channel Jacked Up Pokemon. I am in seniors, same as Tyler and Shane, and have been playing Pokemon since I was about 4. I have only played competitively since this spring, but I feel as though I've gathered enough knowledge to write a useful article for you guys. Today I'll be reviewing the next upcoming set, Boundaries Crossed, set to release November 7th. The set is already released in Japan, named Freeze bolt and Cold flare. We will be looking at this set as it was released in Japan. This is the 4th EX set, and includes 6 more new EXs. The set has a total of 130 cards, 12 of which are secret rares. Without further adieu, let's take a look at some highlights of the set.


VileplumeFreezeBolt3.jpgFREEZE BOLT
3/59 Vileplume: Grass Stage 2 140 HP - Ability: Allergy Panic - Weakness for every pokemon in play is now x4
Pollen Spray: GCCC - 50 damage - the defending Pokemon is now poisoned and asleep
I could see this card being paired with decks who have a goal of trolling, such as Terrakion. Sigilygh now has a OHKO on Mewtwo EX and Mew EX, making it that much more valuable. Unfortunately, it is catcher bait at a hefty  3 retreat cost. Switch is seeming more and more useful with each released set. It looks like Vileploom may just be a threat in this format as well as last.

12/59 Charizard: Fire Stage 2 160 HP
Split Bomb: RCC - Does 40 damage to two of the opponents benched Pokemon (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance)
Burn out: RCCCC - 150 damage - discard one fire energy attached to this pokemon
I feel as though the Pokemon company just keeps trying to make a new Emboar deck. 5 energies is a lot, but considering this could be 1 fire and two DCEs, it may not be that difficult to do 150 Damage. Also, the 160 HP is nice.

32/59 Scolipede: Psychic Stage 2 150 HP - Ability: Poison Point - If this Pokemon is his by an opponent, that pokemon is now poisoned.
Venoshock: PPCC - 80 damage - If the defending Pokemon is poisoned, this attack does 40 more damage.
This card really excites me, especially because a new stadium, Virbank City Gym, makes poison do 30 damage between turns. This means that even if you don't attack, as long as they are poisoned they are taking 60 damage! If you do attack, that 60 becomes 180!! Very Interesting.

47/59 Raticate.... Yes. Raticate. Colorless Stage 1 60 HP.
Chew: C - Discard a tool attached to the defending Pokemon
At this point you're wondering if I know anything about pokemon?
Super Fang: CCC - Put damage counters on the defending Pokemon until they have 10 HP left. 
Yeah, that's pretty good. Now, picture that, except Raticate has Rocky helmet attached. Yeah, that's good. Even if it isn't good immediately, there is an item set to be released in the set following this one that automatically poisons the defending pokemon. That's an automatic KO. From a Raticate. 
Blastoise has almost always had
some sort of energy acceleration.

14/59 Blastoise: Water Stage 2 140 HP - Ability: Streaming Waterfall - You may attach as many water energy as you like to your Pokemon from your hand.
Hydro Pump: CCCC - 60 damage - Does 10 more for each water energy attached to this Pokemon
I don't think I'll need to explain after you read Keldeo EX. 

19/59 Keldeo EX: Water Basic 170 HP - Ability: Step In - Once During your turn, if this Pokemon is on your bench, you may switch it with the active Pokemon.
Secret Sword: CCC - 50 Damage - Does 20 more damage for each water energy attached to this Pokemon
I think you see the combination. Imagine having that Blastoise benched, bench the Keldeo, and hit for infinite damage that very turn, using step in. I think this Pokemon was planned for surprise moves, and I can't wait to see decks centered around him.

Next up we have one of the best cards released in this set:
26/59 Dusknoir! Psychic stage 2 130 HP - Ability - Black Hand - As often as you like during your turn, you may move a damage counter from one of your opponents Pokemon to another.
Shadow Punch: PCCC - 60 damage - not affected by resistance.
This seems kind of broken, you can just do damage to someone, then next turn move it to someone else with less HP for a KO? He doesn't have to be active, and you can split the damage any way. Scary Scary.
It's back, though slightly different. 


Escape Rope - item - Switch one of your Pokemon with one of your benched Pokemon, and your opponent switches one of their benched Pokemon with their active Pokemon.
Town Map - item - flip over all your face down prize cards, they stay this way for the rest of the game.
Hugh - supporter - Both players draw or discard cards until they have 5 cards in their hand
Virbank City Gym - stadium - poison now does thirty damage between turns
Gold Potion - Ace Spec (only one ace spec may be in your deck) - heal 90 damage from one of your Pokemon
Crystal Wall- Ace Spec - If this card is attached to Black Kyurem EX, that Pokemon now has 300 HP
Cheren and rocky helmet secret rare reprints

Bicycle - item - Draw cards until you have 4 cards in your hand (you saw that right, it's an item for draw support!)
Ether - item - reveal the top card of your deck, if it is a basic energy, attach it to one of your Pokemon, if not, put it back on top of your deck
Skyla - supporter - Search your deck for a trainer card and put it in your hand, shuffle afterward
Aspertia City Gym - Stadium - All colorless pokemon in play have +20 HP
Computer Search - Ace Spec - Discard two cards in your hand in order to search for any one card from your deck and put it in your hand, shuffle afterwards
Crystal Edge - Ace Spec - If this is attached to White Kyurem EX, that Pokemon's attacks do 50 more damage to the active Pokemon
Bianca reprint

That wraps it up for this article, please let me know what you think of this and whether or not I should more. You can check out my channel, Jacked Up Pokemon, and anyone can contact me by emailing 

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