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The Battle For Tier 1: Keldeo, Darkrai, or Landorus for States (Pt.1 Darkrai)

First I must apologize that this isn't the promised rogue Landorus EX article, but as I was starting that article, I had the idea for this one, so here it is;

Darkrai, Keldeo, or Landorus? Which is the best play for states? To answer that, you first have to realize that at least two of these powerful EX cards are included in not only one deck, but multiple decks, all mostly with similar strategies, yet different Pokemon. Today, I will be reviewing and weighing each deck variant of these three cards. So hopefully by the end of this article you will have a solid opinion on which deck (out of Darkrai EX variants, Keldeo EX variants, and Landorus EX variants) will be the best choice for you.
Now, since that's clear, we can advance to our first card, Darkrai EX.

Darkrai EX


 For the first Darkrai deck, we will be looking at a very consistent Speed Darkrai (or Consistent Darkrai). Here's the list:

Consistent/Speed Darkrai

Pokemon (8)
4 Darkrai EX
4 Sableye DEX

Trainers (40)
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
4 Bianca
4 Skyla
4 Dark Patch
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Ultra Ball
4 Energy Switch
4 Eviolite
2 Tool Scrapper
1 Energy Search
1 ACE SPEC Computer Search

Energy (12)
12 Dark


Obviously, this is an extremely-consistent looking build. This is about the max amount of Darkrai consistency that a player can have in a Darkrai EX deck. This variation will probably be the most effective against any decks like Keldeo/Blastoise that require more time to set-up and heavy energy acceleration.
In my opinion, using four copies of Energy Switch rather than Hydreigon DRX (We'll get to that)  as energy manipulation, is better due to the fact that you can still "save some dark energy from a Darkrai that is about to be KO-ed when you need to, and still have some room for actual consistency with Darkrai.


With Sableye DEX as a starter, and with decks like Phat Tornadus and White Tea running ramped through the meta-game, you may be donked if you don't also have another basic waiting on the bench.
Also, Darkai EX is great against anything but fighting type, which we saw a lot of at Cities just a few weeks ago from Landorus EX.

Now that we are done discussing the first Darkrai deck, we can move on to the next one, a variation of this, Hammertime.


Here's the list, so we can get started

Pokemon (8)
4 Darkrai EX
4 Sabley
Trainers (37)
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
3 Bianca
2 Skyla
4 Dark Patch
4 Pokemon Catcher
3 Crushing Hammer
3 Ultra Ball
3 Eviolite
4 Energy Switch
1 Tool Scrapper
1 Energy Search
3 Enhanced Hammer
1 ACE SPEC Computer Search

Energy (12)
12 Dark

Although not tested currently, the list I've created above represents the distortion and defense factor that Darkrai has to offer. Equipped with three copies of both Enhanced Hammer and Crushing Hammer, this version of Darkrai is the best one in my opinion.


One of the key victory qualities of this deck is the game distortion through hammers. They bring out the speed of Darkrai EX by not only slowing down the opponent, but throwing off their game as well.
This is also very consistent, and can better handle decks based on Landorus EX fairly better. Also, the match-up against White Tea and Ho-oh/Tornadus type of decks that feature lots of special energy to discard with the Enhanced Hammers.


Although Hammertime can stand up against Landorus based decks, or decks with a teched Landorus, it still doesn't stand a chance versus an all fighting deck. The only chance it might stand is if you get a first-turn Darkrai EX fully energized for the donk, or just KO their Pokemon before they can set up.

And that should put an end to the Hammertime deck review, now for the Stage 2 version of Darkrai EX, HyDrai


Darkrai/Hydreigon. Not arguably the most-hyped deck of 2012. This deck utilizes the energy manipulation power of Hydreigon DRX's Ability Dark Trance to endlessly move Dark energy from Darkrai EX to Darkrai EX, all the while fully healing Darkrai with Max Potions. After the Max Potions run out, simply use Sableye to recycle them. Here's my list:

Pokemon (15)
3  Deino DRX 93
1  Deino NV
1  Zweilous DRX
3  Hydreigon
3  Sableye
3  Darkrai EX
It's been fun.

Trainers (33)
4  Professor Juniper
4  N
4  Skyla
2  Random Receiver
3  Rare Candy
3  Pokemon Catcher
3  Eviolite
4  Ultra Ball
3  Dark Patch
3  Max Potion
1  ACE SPEC Computer Search

Energy (12)
9  Darkness Energy
3  Blend Energy


This deck is simply invisible only if you don't pair up with a deck with unlimited damage output or weakness advantage. Enough said.


Unfortunately, the other two competitors (Keldeo/Blastoise and Landorus/Fighting Stuff) both exploit one of the decks two weaknesses.

And that wraps up the first part of this post! To save your eyesight, I'm splitting this discussion into three separate parts. Check back sometime later this week for Part 2: Keldeo. Thanks for reading



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  1. Why not just run energy removal. No coin flip.


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