Monday, June 10, 2013

3rd Place Spring Battle Road Mini Report

Plasma Represent!
It's Tyler, and today ill be giving you a short rundown on my third place Battle Roads finish in which I decided to run TDKL (Thundurus/Deoxys/Kyurem/Lugia). Here it goes.

It was 9:20. I woke up, looked at my alarm-clock, and quickly jumped out of bed. It was almost time to leave for church. After church, at 11:35 (church was running five minutes late), me and the entire family (all eight of us) jumped into the van and sped towards home.

Approximately an hour and a half later, me, my brother Shane, our friend Trevon (AKA TJ) and my dad were waiting for the our third spring Battle Roads to finally begin (Midwest Pokemon Tournaments never start on time). 

Game 1 vs Plasma
Skip ahead about fifteen minutes and my first battle is underway. I win the flip (or roll), and it's my turn.

In the first few turns, I was able to make a huge dent in my prizes and by around my fifth turn, chisel it down to a three-prize-game. Meanwhile, my opponent was still stuck with four. Shortly after, all that I remember is that I was able to get down to one prize, when my opponent had three. Just get to me winning already right? Wrong.

At the end of the game, my opponent had successfully loaded a Snorlax PLS, and had just KOed my lone Kyurem, along with all of my energy on the field thanks to an obviously bad Scramble Switch play on my part. The only thing that I needed now was to get a Deoxys fully loaded so I could OHKO his annoying Snorlax. So the best thing I could've done was to promote a Thundurus and use Raiden Knuckle to do so. But I had lost in the prize race. He simply knocked out my Thundurus for the win with Teampact.

Too good to only run one.
So the misplay here? Running only one Kyurem PLF in a Plasma deck.

Result: 0-1

Game 2 vs Noob
He was a newer player. I showed no mercy. After all, its BRs.

Result: 1-1

Game 3 vs Darkai/Absol
This was probably the worst start ever for my deck period. His mistake was foolishly attaching all of his energy on two Pokemon, Absol, and Darkai EX... Oh wait...

Anyway, as it happened, by the sixth turn, I had five prizes and he was already down to one (Absol was devastating against my fully-loaded bench). There was only one problem with his set-up however: It was weak to a surprise Lugia EX.

Sure-enough, after he drew his fifth prize, I promoted a Deoxys equipped with a Float Stone, Junipered and drew into a DCE and two Colress Machines. He never saw it coming. I retreated  to Lugia, 'tatched the DCE, used a double Colress Machine, and KOed his helpless Absol for two easy prizes. He promoted his Darkrai EX and attacked for 110 (he had a Dark Claw attached). On my next turn I was able to bench a to attach another energy on Lugia, attack, draw three prizes, and win.

But how does someone OHKO a Darkrai EX with 150 damage? (I had three benched Deoxys)
What I forgot to mention is that in the beginning of the game, I used Kyurem's Frost Spear attack with a laser and three Deoxys to KO his Sableye and hit for 30 on the Darkrai I knocked out later in the game to win with Lugia EX.

Results: 2-1

Game 4 vs Plasma
I don't remember much of my last game, (you know how mirrors are) but I do know that I pulled through eventually after finally setting-up my Lugia, I was able to get the win. It was fun battling Jack form JackedUpPokemon‎, and overall it was a thirty minutes well spent.

Results: 3-1, 2nd Place.

I will not be showing my list today, but you can expect a rogue article coming soon from a special guest very soon, so stay posted.


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