Saturday, July 6, 2013

US Nationals

Having fun, enjoying time with my two oldest.  Although the turn out wasn't  what we'd hoped for it is after all a really good time to just enjoy the game and the friendships that have been made along the way.

Adam, thanks for the die for my son Tyler.
Yoshi, thanks for keeping it real man, although you didn't top, it's good to see you keep your head up, shoot one of your kids will make it!
Omar, thanks for representing for Minnesota and taking this Nat's by storm.  You are probably the smartest Pokemon player I know.
Michael, you had a really good run, really, to go 9-0 in Swiss and then again steam roll your way through the first round of top-cut, hats off, way to go. ~Character is built and displayed when things are on the line and don't necessary go the way you want, you my friend should be proud of your run, it was with dignity and honor that you carried yourself throughout this tournament.
And lastly to my boys, way to go for sticking with Pokemon through out all the stuff that has been going on with their brother Jonah ((3yrs old (he started having seizures in March)) as it has been very different in our home since.
Both my boys have stepped up and I trust they will continue to do so in the future to make things just a bit easier for the family and especially their PokeMOM and PokeDAD.

Thanks to all the faithful readers of this blog as it has been like medicine to my oldest in sometimes taking a break from the new reality of our family.

Special thanks to the Monical's Pizza in Avon, Indiana for hosting our dinner 2 nights in a row, they have the best pizza around!  Check them out if your in the area.

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